Whether you’re a large multi-billion dollar alternative asset firm looking to save millions of dollars on policy premiums while maximizing death benefit proceeds, or just a high net-worth individual wanting to maximize your returns, Colva Insurance Services will provide you with the actuarial expertise necessary to do so.

If you’re looking to get the most value out of your policy as a policy owner, it helps to have someone on your side who helped create value in these policies for a life insurance company. This is exactly the experience Colva provides you with.

Colva is one of the only insurance servicing companies where you can have a certified actuary look over your current or future policy and answer the following questions.

  • What are all the hidden expenses, charges, and fees associated with purchasing a life insurance policy and how do I use actuarial features to reduce them while maximizing the value I obtain from my policy?
  • How do I properly use my policy to manage the risk of living longer than expected?

With the help of Colva, you won’t have to sit and scratch your head trying to figure out the answers to these questions all by yourself. Instead, we’ll have a certified actuary—who knows the secrets behind how insurance companies price their products and hide certain fees—help you figure them out.

If you’re interested in either Colva’s Life Insurance Services or Life Settlement Services, feel free to browse through the services section that applies to you or contact us at support@colvaservices.com to schedule a consultation with Colva Insurance Services today and we’ll have a licensed actuary discuss your needs.

ILIT Servicing

Learn how ILITs can fulfill their fiduciary
responsibilities and provide the best value
to their clients by using Colva's reporting,valuation,
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