Our Story


Colva was started to provide actuarial and insurance related expertise to clients who are looking to maximize the benefits they receive for their life insurance policy while minimizing the premiums they have to pay for it.

Our goals are the following:

  1. Offer Superior Insurance Servicing

    Life insurance policies are designed and developed by actuaries with years of financial and insurance training. The lack of such training can make it difficult for the average policyholder to understand how to get the most value out of the policy. Colva was founded on strong actuarial principles acquired through years of experience designing and assessing the value of policies for both insurance companies and institutional investors.

  2. Build a Business Based on Honesty, Transparency, and Customer Satisfaction

    Agencies and brokers that sell life insurance policies are compensated by the size of the policy they sell–not by the value the policyholder receives. This often results in policyholders acquiring a life insurance policy that doesn’t best meet their needs and that they eventually end up cancelling.[1] At Colva we help policyholders select policies that create the most value for their needs while also fully disclosing all commissions, expenses, economic, and actuarial risks.  Colva would much rather have a potential policyholder walk away from purchasing an expensive life insurance policy because of these risks than to cancel it years later because they didn’t fully understand them.

If you are currently looking to purchase an insurance policy or have a portfolio of life insurance policies and would like to maximize the value of your life insurance investment by having an actuary show you how to minimize your premium payments, please contact us at support@colvaservices.com.


We strongly believe that you will not receive a better value anywhere else.

[1]Agencies generally receive anywhere between 80% and 100% of the first year premium that a policyholder pays as a commission. However, greater than 50% of these policies are cancelled within 15 years Download Report