The Colva Promise


Whether you’re a future owner of a life insurance policy, or an existing owner of a life insurance policy, the choices and questions surrounding your life insurance decisions can be overwhelming:

  • What type of insurance product is right for my needs?
  • How do I use key policy features such as loans, withdrawals, and shadow account pricing to reduce my yearly premium payments?
  • What are all the hidden charges, expenses, and risks associated with my purchase of an insurance policy?

With Colva Insurance Services you won’t have to scratch your head trying to figure out the answers to these questions; we’ll do it for you. Using our vast actuarial and insurance expertise, Colva will reveal insider insurance knowledge on how to minimize your premium payments and maximize the return on your investment in a life insurance policy while minimizing your financial risks.

At Colva Insurance Services, we promise to do the following:

  • Have a certified actuary and licensed agent sit with you and assess your life insurance needs.
  • Present life insurance product from multiple carriers so that clients can compare the premium requirements.
  • Provide an actuarial death benefit analysis for individuals looking to purchase an insurance policy or who already own a life insurance policy.
  • Provide a premium analysis for individual policy owners in order to identify ways in which key policy features such as loans, withdrawals, and shadow account pricing can reduce their yearly insurance premium obligations.
  • Discuss ways in which the client can minimize the premium requirements for a given death benefit.
  • Calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of your investment if you are considering purchasing a permanent policy.
  • Disclose all potential commissions resulting from the transaction.
  • Disclose the effect of all expenses on your insurance premium obligations.
  • Disclose the severity of all surrender charges and penalties that you will face if you choose to cancel the insurance product.
  • Consultation with client to discuss how Colva’s Servicing expertise can best meet your needs

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