Life Insurance Basics Video (Life Series Pt 2 of 6)

5 Life Insurance Basics

This is the 2nd video in Colva’s 6 part series of “How Choosing the Wrong Life Insurance Policy Can be a $21,000 mistake.” In this video we cover life insurance basics like the difference between term and permanent insurance and key risks to consider. Links and descriptions to all six videos in the series can be found below.

How Choosing the Wrong Life Insurance Policy Can Be a $21,000 mistake

  1. 5 Life Insurance Mistakes that cost $1,000s
    Covers 5 key mistakes that policyholders make that result in them losing $1,000s.

  2. Life Insurance Basics
    Covers basics of Life Insurance, differences of Term vs Permanent, etc.

  3. How Much Life Insurance Do I need?
    Covers importance of creating a financial plan, understanding of present and future liabilities for each individual and how to properly choose policies that meet current and future need.

  4. What happens if I choose the wrong length of coverage?
    Uses a numerical example to show how policyholders lose $1,000s by choosing the wrong amount of time that they need the coverage for.

  5. Permanent or Buy Term and Invest?
    Uses a numerical example to show which people are better suited for buying Permanent Insurance and which are better off buying Term and Investing the Difference.

  6. Summary and Policyholder Tips?
    Summarizes all the risks policyholders should take into consideration prior to purchasing a policy and offers tips on how to make better life insurance decisions.

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