Why Choose Colva?

Colva knows that there are a lot of places that you can choose from to service your life insurance needs. However, we believe we separate ourselves from our competitors and our able to provide our clients with the best service and life insurance investment for the following two reasons:

Colva’s Actuarial Expertise

Colva’s Actuarial Expertise in pricing life insurance products means that we can offer our clients a number of insights into how the life insurance industry works and how they can save $1000s of dollars in unnecessary premiums, expenses, and excessive surrender charges through use of our services. These services include:

  • Death Benefit Analysis: Colva utilizes an Asset-Liability Management (ALM) approach acquired through years of financial modeling experience with insurance companies and asset management divisions to model your assets and liabilities over time and identify gaps in your financial plans that need to be met through life insurance. Read more…
  • Premium Analysis: If you’re an individual who currently owns a permanent life insurance policy it’s quite possible that you are paying more in premium than you need to in order to keep the policy in force. At Colva, we’ll have a licensed Life Insurance Actuary experienced in the pricing of insurance policies look over the details of your policy and show you how you can use special features in order to reduce your yearly premium obligations. Read more…
  • Consultation: Whether you have questions about your specific life insurance needs or general life insurance questions, we’ll have a licensed actuary and agent meet with you and discuss how Colva can best meet your insurance needs. Contact us now at support@colvaservices.com to set up your Free Consultation.

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